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Welcome HOME! BARUCH is one of the most powerful manifestation coaches in the world and can help you literally to become whatever you want to be or to get whatever you want to have. BARUCH discovered his precious divine gift at the age of six. Since than he practiced MANIFSTATION in all variety of forms, gathering a real treasure of practical knowledge and know-how-skills.

If you were struggling for a long time getting to your dream destination and yet couldn't achieve positive results - welcome HOME. BARUCH will help you to find the shortest way for MANIFESTATION of whatever you may want to have or want to be. MANIFEST-IT-NOW Programm is personally developed and applied, thanks to BARUCH's clairvoyant and prophetic gifts.

MANIFEST-IT-NOW is an exclusive and an elite product. It is only suited for people who HAVE and have desire for MORE, much much MORE. Whatever YOUR DESIRE is - lets get unto work and get it MANIFESTED in YOUR REALITY.
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Prices & Main Products:

Counseling: 5750,35 €/Session (usually between 45 and 90 minutes).

"Prophetic Eye": 8570,75 €/Session

10 Weeks Manifest-It-Course: 50.755,88 €/1 Session per week.

To book a video conference as well as for more information and products, send me an email using "Contract ME" page.

Many of my clients prefer products, which I develop personally for them, specially suited for the personal situation and manifestation projects. Contact me still today, to receive your special offer now! To invest in the life of your dreams will be the best investment you will do ever! Don't wait - the time is NOW.
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